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I know it's such a cliché but they really do grow so so fast. It feels like only yesterday that the midwife handed me my beautiful baby girl for the first time


today she's having her first day at school...proper school! Full time, compulsory education! Where did the time go?

First day at school!!!

I wish I could say I cried, that I felt sad we'd be spending less time together, but the truth is, I'm excited for her. She loves school, she loves learning, she flourished last year, became her own little person, her confidence soared and I expect nothing less this year.

First day at school!!!

She was so excited about going back to school. She can't wait to get stuck into unlimited painting, sticking, drawing and she's desperate to learn to read and write. We've been working on this over the holidays and she's reading basic words now, but I expect her teachers are better equipt than I am in teaching her how to read the more complicated words.

First day at school!!!

First day at school!!!

Anara was desperate to stay and play too. She starts nursery next September...then I really will cry! Not because I'll miss Anara more than Rheya, but because both my babies will be becoming independant of me.

First day at school!!!

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