Aug. 22nd, 2011

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I got 2, neither are very good, but they're the best I could do from my house. I can't really leave the house to take pictures at sunset, since that's the girls' bedtime.

Photo challenge: Sunset

Photo challenge: Sunset

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This one was pure luck. I had been thinking about this photo all day. I even tried a few times to get one but they didn't work. Then I saw the sunset out of Rheya's window and ran to get my camera so I could get the sunset picture and noticed it was perfect for a silhouette picture too. I didn't want to submit the same photo for both challenges so I went out the front of my house (the sunset pic was taken from Rheya's window at the back of my house) and the picture up my street was nice.

Photo challenge: Silhouette
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Ok, technically this is eye (singular) but I really wanted to get a reflection in there and I can only do that by getting up close and personal :P

Photo challenge: eyes


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